Giannotto’s Specialty Pharmacy continues the synergy established between patient and pharmacist by extensively working with pharmaceutical manufacturers, physicians and patients to provide better access to medicinal therapies. We surpass industry standards for compliance and consistency by providing patients with chronic illnesses access to their high-cost complex drug regimens.

As we work closely with the pharmaceutical manufacturers, Giannotto’s has created a system that includes:

  • Individualized & customized medication and therapy packaging programs;
  • Collaboration with manufacturers to target pilot programs within patient profile;
  • Monthly & quarterly electronic patient usage reporting; and
  • Personal staff assistance with product launches and distribution of educational material relating to the product.

Patient compliance and adherence to prescribed drug therapy regimens are imperative for successful treatment. Giannotto’s attention to the individual patient and their care includes:

  • FREE Delivery on all medications within the state of New Jersey;
  • Staff assistance with prior authorization for various insurances;
  • Injection training
  • Thorough staff explanation on drug therapy – including compliance needs and possible harmful side effects;
  • Computerized program to automatically monitor refill dates; and
  • Alert to pharmacist for doctor renewal needed – handled directly by staff.

Pharmacists at Gianotto’s Specialty Pharmacy personally discuss in detail with the patients:

  • Necessity for full compliance and adherence to medication regimens;
  • Administration & duration of therapy regimen per physician’s prescribing; and
  • Distribute printed educational materials pertaining to drug therapy.